Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kindred Queer & Plants and Animals at Bar 11.13.13

To be honest, I had hoped to be shooting another show this particular night. The press pass fell through at the last minute, so I ended up at my back up show, Plants and Animals at Bar in New Haven. I was contacted by their PR person to cover them, which is pretty incredible, when at the beginning of this year, I was trying to figure out how to cover more concerts. I'm not fond of the lighting at Bar; I tend to have to shoot around the light as opposed to shooting the moments I want. You pretty much have to wait for the colors to be usable or for their to be enough light on the faces of the musicians. If you're patient enough, you can get usable images, granted, a lot of them have to be converted to black and white.

The opening band was Kindred Queer, a local band that is working on their first album. I thought the lead singer sounded like Andrew Bird and with a female harmonizing, it reminded me of Damien Rice, but with a much more upbeat subject matter. I liked their sound and they had a ton of fans come out to support them.

Kindred Queer

Plants and Animals

I got to Bar early enough to catch their sound check, which was fortunate because it was the only time there was enough light to get a full band shot. Plants and Animals hail from Montreal and are more of a shoe gazing band. Still, there were a few moments that I captured that I like.

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