Monday, October 28, 2013

October Birthdays

October is a big month for birthdays in my family, so we did a joint party earlier in the month for my brother, father and cousin. I stuck with the Canon EOS M and its tiny little flash for this gathering. While it's great in a pinch, I still prefer my DSLR. You'll notice that from farther away, the flash produces red eye. Oh, and I turned off the touch screen as a method of taking pictures. I constantly hit it by accident and took far too many pictures of the ground.

The Legos were a big hit with the boys.

Thanks to my brother for photobombing!

Aria pointing out the lady bug on the plant.

The birthday hats were left over from my Polaroid shoot, so I distributed them amongst the kids. Grace's reaction here was when she noticed that I had placed my hat over my nose instead of on my head like a normal person.

Aunt Ellen and Aunt Karin with Aria.

Of course, James is smiling nice for the goofy picture and goofy in the nice picture.

Reflection shot!

Brian having a blast!

Nick giving Aria's baby doll some coffee.

Point Dexter!

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