Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I had one frame left in my SX-70 and I knew I wanted to use it at the pumpkin display I covered for the paper. I attached the Polaroid to my tripod and waited while the camera took a 20 second exposure. I quickly popped the shot into my pocket to keep it warm; Impossible Project film does not like the cold! The result is one of the most detailed Polaroids I've shot to date. It's amazingly crisp and the colors pop! You'd never know I shot this at dusk because of the long exposure, but I love the result. I plan on doing more night photography once I restock on film.

I've also included some of my favorite shots of Blaze from 2008. I really need to get back there and shoot it again. I've grown leaps and bounds as a photographer and know I would get much better results.

Happy Halloween and be safe, kiddies!

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