Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter Roundup

Didn't it feel like Easter was waaaaay too early this year? Nonetheless, my family carried on the time honored tradition of Easter Pie Day. For those new to the blog, it's an entire day of cooking the day before Easter. (Because cooking for Easter just isn't enough!) We make an obscene amount of Easter Pies, aka Pizza Gain. This year we produced 16, although the last pie was really a double wide because we were all worn out by that point. Family members come and go throughout the day and many a pie was devoured.

My day started off with my bed being stolen by these two cuties. Little did they realize Addy was so close!

Crazy morning curls!

This was the only time Hannah partook in the Easter bunny ears, but Grace loved them.

Pie filling. Unlike every other Pizza Gain recipe I've ever seen, we add rice to our pies. We think Grandma May did this to stretch the amount of pies being made, but I can't imagine them any other way.

Quinn's first taste of Easter Pie


James working the dough

Hannah digging in

Baking carnage

Easter morning, I talked the girls into a quick photo shoot. I'm still working on perfecting the white seamless backdrop, but there are a few keepers here.

My personal favorite

I goofed around with some new filters on this one.

And on to the Easter Egg Hunt! James and Aria were at another gathering this year, so it was much easier to take pictures of two crazy kids running through the yard.

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