Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Old Ceremony at Littlefield, Brooklyn 02.07.14

I returned to Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY to check out a band that my friends Allison and Sara have been raving about, The Old Ceremony. Their name was taken from a Leonard Cohen song title, which gave me a good feeling about the band before I even heard their music. Django Haskins is the singer/songwriter and guitarist with Gabe Pelli playing bass and violin, Dan Hall on drums and Mark Simonsen on key and also rocking a pretty mean vibraphone. We were also treated to TOC's original bassist, Matt Brandau, on a few tracks. My friends were first introduced to TOC through Django's work in a band called International Orange, which included Ben Folds Five bassist Robert Sledge. If you've been to my blog before, you'll know I've been a fan of Ben Folds Five a long time and have covered them a couple of times.

The show at Littlefield was the epitome of an intimate show. Although there was a larger crowd in attendance for the opening act, the majority of them left after his performance. Maybe it was a little later than people wanted to stay out, who knows. Sara and I were treated to an amazing performance, despite the small crowd. What struck me, and what you can clearly see from the photos, is the amount of passion Django puts into his performance. He was a ball of energy on stage, singing and playing hard. To be able to put forth that amount of energy night after night impressed me to no end and gave me a set of pictures that I'm really excited to show you.




Although I didn't go into the show knowing a whole lot of their music, I definitely came out a fan. How can you not when the band exudes passion and love of what they're doing? Thanks to Sara for introducing me to another incredible band and putting up with me shooting the entire time.

As always, I leave you with shoes.

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