Friday, March 8, 2013

Eels at Webster Hall, NY 03.01.13

My second Eels concert in a week. At this point, I'm really talked out about this concert. I wrote up a full review for Surviving the Golden Age. You can read that here. I actually think it's pretty funny and one of my better pieces of writing.

My fellow blogger and friend Henry also wrote a great piece about it. After a year and a half of virtually supporting each others endeavors, we teamed up over on his blog. Check it out. (I don't post about cats nearly as much as he claims!)

For me, it was an absolutely bizarre day with my best friend in the city which included: strange New Yorkers, empanadas, the wonky staircase at The Impossible Project, me breaking down and buying new toys for my Spectra Polaroid camera, a creepy ass clown, a drunk concert goer who thought it was a good idea to threaten two women who are more than capable of standing up for themselves and a 30 block walk back to Grand Central to work off steam. Oh yeah, and the Eels.

It all started with the 12:08 train...

My first attempt of a Polaroid at Grand Central. Wheel set to 1/3 dark, long exposure braced on the stair rail. Next time I'm keeping the wheel at zero.

Since I've written so much about this show already, I'm only going to point out the highlights in this post. It's all about the pictures here.



P Boo

Honest Al

P Boo, Honest Al and The Chet

Band Intros

E goes through and introduces each member of the band individually, which always leads to fun interaction shots. Tonight, Honest Al's introduction was interrupted by a fan that was cheering for The Chet. E jumped on it, asking, "Where's the dude that loves The Chet?"

"Sir, please, you're embarrassing me!" Chet joked

He went back into his introductions about how Honest Al is an ordained minister...

But E kept breaking into laughter about how popular The Chet was.

"Is it the same guy every night?"


This year's schtick was a renewal of vows between The Chet and E.

The Chet lifted E into the air after they were declared Lead Singer and Guitarist.

"Me and The Chet, ten years together. Take that, sir who loves The Chet. You gotta get through me!" E taunted after the ceremony.

Knuckles is my favorite drummer to photograph. Hands down.

My other signature shot, besides shoes, are silhouettes. 
Check out the rock star moment below taken during Souljacker Pt. 1.

Throughout the night, E joked about not knowing where they were playing. He kept the gag going calling it everything from The Windy City to ‘Frisco, New Apple to The Big Easy. When he called himself out for messing up the lyrics to Dirty Girl, he laughed, and said, “We’re in New Orleans. You guys won’t remember this in the morning!” Eventually, he came clean during the encore. Not only did he know exactly where he was, he had a shirt made up special for the night.

"Is it hot in here or is that just Chet's career?" E joked as he shed his Adidas jacket.

The band gathered on E's riser at the end of the second encore.

And yes, my favorite clown came back out for the "surprise" third encore. 

P Boo and The Chet watching Puddles closely

That look is the stuff of nightmares for me.

I was actually really, really glad I didn't get a press pass to the show for this picture alone. 
E posing playfully for the camera? Awesome, sir, thank you.

I also shot a pack of Polaroids during the night. I'm quickly becoming known as the girl who takes Polaroids at concerts. Everyone around me cracks up when they hear the sound of the camera ejecting the picture.

Three out of six came out pretty decent; I tried to get one of Knuckles during his drum solo, which was ridiculously ambitious of me and is just a blur of motion.

Normal stage light, wheel set to zero, no flash.

Fresh Blood strobe fest, wheel set to full dark, no flash.
One strobe hit the lens right as I was shooting which created that center flare.

Puddles Pity Party with MonkeyZuma, wheel set to zero, flash bar used.

I saved one shot for the third encore for when the house lights had turned on, sure there would be enough light to get a clear shot without flash. The damn camera jammed up; that's what you get with 1970's technology.

As always, thanks to Vanessa for another memorable excursion to the city. There's no one else I'd rather be threatened to be "elbowed in the f**king face" with.

By now, you know I end every concert with a picture of the performer's shoes. Until the next tour!

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